• storm damage clean up
  • tree pruning
  • stump grinding
  • tree take down    
  • tree removal         
  • debris removal
  • exterior light installation
  • insurance claims
  • emergency tree service

 Some of the most common reasons you may need to take down and remove a tree are:

If a tree is dying or dead

Trees that are hazardous to buildings, cars, driveways and/or streets due to limbs over hanging these areas

Sick trees due to disease and infestations

Depending on the location of the tree, we may use cables, pulleys and ropes to lower limbs in order to take the tree down safely     


Dead Wooding Crown and Canopy Thinning

Crown Canopy Lifting

Directional Pruning

Vista Pruning

Crown Reduction


Stump Removal / Stump Grinding

When having trees removed, there will be a stump left about one foot high.  Some people use these for seating or as a planters.  If the stump will be more of an obstacle than a use to you, we can grind it for you into wood chips.  This will leave you with mulch to put towards your landscaping efforts.    We remove stumps using a stump grinder machine.  This machine doesn't actually remove the stump out of the ground, but grinds it, and any root flare, into wood chips which fill in the space where the stump was.

Storm Damage Recovery

Many trees lose limbs or fall during storms.  Being potentially dangerous, they could fall on your home or car.  We will safely take down or prune any trees needed as well as any preventative pruning or take downs to insure that after the next storm you won't have any more storm clean up to deal with. 

Pruning Consultation & Reminders

We offer a free pruning reminder when it's the time of the year to prune the trees in your yard that need a yearly pruning.  There's no obligation to have us do the work.  Just complete the form here, and we will send you an annual reminder when it's time.


Sometimes threatening trees are in general healthy and don't need to be cut down  They may have a large limb or two that are close to or over a house and if a limb were to break it would do some damage.  Cabling is an affordable option to keep that tree in your yard that may be overhanging your house or vehicles.  We use techniques safe for the tree in order to secure it.

Services We Offer

Trees are an important part of our habitat and our landscape.  Caring for them, maintaining them and removing them when necessary will bring you years of shade, landscape beauty and safety.