How can I tell if a tree is dying?

During the time of year when the tree has leaves, look up at the canopy and see if there are any bare limbs or tips of limbs without leaves.  If a tree is losing leaves during the spring or summer seasons or has a lot of limbs without leaves, that is a telltale sign the tree is dying.  Walk around the trunk and look for any black, rotten spots and fungus.  These are all signs that the trunk of the tree has been affected and may have root rot or has begun decaying on the inside.

When is the best time of the year to prune trees?

This varies depending on the species of tree, but as a general rule heavy pruning should be done during the dormant period in winter.  Light pruning can be done any time of the year.

Will I need to get a permit to remove a tree in the city of Atlanta?

All hardwood trees greater than 6" in diameter at breast height (this is 4.5 feet above soil grade) require a permit for removal.  Pines that are greater than 12" in diameter at breast height require a permit.

How do I get a permit for tree removal in the City of Atlanta?

You can apply online. For a dead, dying, diseased, or hazardous tree permit click here

Will Dekalb County pick up a cut tree that is left on the curb?

See the curb pick up requirements here for Dekalb County: 

If you live in another county, please check with your city and/or county regulations before leaving tree debris on the curb for pick up.  Many counties will charge a fee depending on the size of the pile.

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