Services We Provide:

        Tree Take Down

        Tree Removal


        Stump Grinding

        Arborist Consultation

        Storm Damage Recovery

        Debris Hauling

At Atlanta Area Tree Service we care for your trees,

not simply cut them down.  Our goal is to preserve your trees and keep them healthy so they can bring years of shade and beauty to your yard.  Our focus is on preservation, so tree take down is a last resort.  We provide service to match your needs and budget.  Whether you need stump grinding, pruning, tree take down, or any of our other services, it will be done safely and professionally by our trained tree climbers and ground team. 

We know trees. 

A family owned and operated company, we are the Atlanta area tree service experts.  We use only quality equipment and experienced crews to provide tree maintenance with care, and have an isa arborist on staff.

We excel in spikeless pruning techniques as well as tree removal and recycle 100% of the tree debris we remove. 

Atlanta Area tree service is a family owned, licensed and insured small business located in Kirkwood Atlanta.

*We have a licensed arborist on staff to answer all of your tree health concerns

When do you need to call an Atlanta tree service professional?

Trees are an important part of the habitat and landscape.  Caring for trees and maintaining them will bring you years of enjoyment.  Are you having tree or yard issues but not sure how to solve them, or maybe you haven't realized you have an issue? Read on to figure out what tree services you may need, and if you have a healthy yard.

1. Dead and/or falling tree limbs

Dead or dying limbs, even if not directly over your home, pose a threat and should be removed immediately.  Winds and rain can easily cause these limbs to fall and do serious damage to cars and any buildings on the property.  If the entire tree is dead (limbs and pole), the entire tree could fall at any time and should be cut down as soon as possible.

 2. Branches impeding your home
Any tree limbs hanging over your home or very close to it become a large threat as soon as stormy weather conditions set in.  It is very important to have these removed while keeping the structural soundness of the tree.

3. Holes in Tree Bark
Don’t let insects kill your trees.  Over time insects will burro in the wood and bark, killing the tree.  If you notice holes in the bark of a tree, you may have burrowing insects, call a tree service or arborist to evaluate the amount of damage the tree has suffered and treat it as soon as possible in order to save the tree.

4. Vines
Vines that both grow up and wrap around a tree suffocate it of air and deprive it of water, killing the tree.  If you notice vines around the base of the tree or holes in the bark from burrowing insects, call a professional to evaluate the amount of damage the tree has suffered and treat it as soon as possible in order to save the tree.
5. Blocking Your view or the sun
If you’ve got any trees that are an eyesore in your nicely landscaped yard, then it’s time for some pruning.  There are several different ways to improve the look of a tree (removing large limbs is best done on a young tree).  Thinning, raising and reduction may be the pruning techniques you need to help your trees look their best and add to the beauty of your yard.  Trimming trees also helps bring the sunlight in.